Expatriates who send ‘remittance’ will get rewards

Expatriates who send remittances through legal channels will be rewarded to help overcome the country’s economic crisis. For that purpose, the Dubai Bangladesh Consulate has announced a ‘Remittance Award’ for expatriate Bangladeshis.

The award will be given to 45 expatriates in five categories to encourage expatriates. Head of Embassy of Bangladesh Consulate Md. This information was informed in a circular signed by Mozaffar Hossain.

According to the notification, from January to August 2022, those who sent remittances to the country only through legal channels can apply for this award.

10 from general workers with a monthly salary equal to or below 1200 dirhams, 10 from general workers above 1200 dirhams, 10 male businessmen, 5 female businessmen and among professionals, engineers, teachers, bankers, consultants, journalists, expatriates working at the management level. 10 people will be given this award.

The notification also states that applications for remittance awards must be made in the prescribed form provided by the consulate. The application must be submitted by September 30 along with the proof of sending the remittance in a valid way, along with the necessary documents.

Applications can be made directly to the Bangladesh Consulate General in Dubai, Bangladesh Association in Sharjah and Fujairah, Bangladesh English Private School in Ras Al Khaimah or via e-mail to mission.dubai@mofa.gov.bd. The notification also states that no application will be accepted after the specified time. Quotes

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