The price of eggs is lower

Egg prices in the capital’s markets started to fall last week after an unusual rise. In the span of a week, the price of dozen eggs has decreased by Rs. 5 more. Through this, the price of eggs reduced by Tk 35 per dozen in two weeks.

All kinds of vegetables are being sold at high prices even though the price of eggs has decreased slightly. As a result, buyers are not getting relief by buying vegetables. Along with this, the price of chicken and fish also showed discomfort.

On Friday, various markets of the capital were visited, most of the traders were selling eggs for 125 rupees per dozen. A week ago, these traders sold a dozen eggs for Tk 130.

And after raising the prices of fuel oil, kerosene, diesel, petrol and octane, the price of a dozen eggs increased to Tk 160 two weeks ago. Eggs have never been sold at such a high price in the history of the country.

After such an unusual increase in the price, now about the reduction in the price of eggs, Karwan Bazar traders said. Latif said, everyone understands that the price of eggs was increased by syndicate. Many people stopped buying eggs due to the abnormal price increase. As a result, the sale of eggs is greatly reduced. In view of which the price has come down a bit. We think the price of eggs will decrease further.

The unusual price of broiler chickens increases with eggs. After last week the price of broiler chicken decreased slightly but this week the price remained unchanged. Most traders are selling broiler chicken at Tk 180 per kg. Two weeks ago broiler chicken rose to Tk 200 per kg.

Along with broiler chickens, the prices of Pakistani cocks or golden chickens remain unchanged. A kg of golden chicken is being sold at Tk 280 to Tk 300. Two weeks ago it was 300 to 320 taka.

About the price of chicken, the businessman of Khilgaon said. Hasan said that the sale of chicken has been decreasing for two to three weeks due to the increase in price. But the supply of chicken in the market is also low. That’s why the price is not going down. We think that the supply of chicken in the market will increase in a few days, then the price may come down.

Meanwhile, even though beans and cauliflower are coming in the market as new vegetables, it is not giving relief to the buyers. These two vegetables are being sold at high prices. Besides, the price of other vegetables is also quite high. As a result, buyers are uncomfortable when they come to buy vegetables.

As before, beans are being sold at the highest price in the market. However, the price of this vegetable has decreased slightly during the week. One bushel (250 grams) of beans is being sold at Tk 40. But if someone takes one kg, 150 rupees is kept. A week ago, bean pods were priced at Tk 50 and Tk 190 per kg. And newly arrived small pieces of cauliflower are being sold for 30-40 taka.

Prices of ripe tomatoes, carrots and turnips remained unchanged despite the drop in bean prices. A kg of ripe tomatoes is being sold at Tk 100 to Tk 130. Carrots are being sold at Tk 120 to Tk 130 per kg. Barab is selling for 70 to 80 taka per kg.

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